DVD Missa

Missa sopra la Battaglia - copertina DVDDVD live, 2011

The DVD documents a concert-event, the likes of which may have been realised during festive celebrations of the 16th century. Significant political, social and religious occurrences resonate within grand choral compositions which were intended for performance in the church. The Missa sopra la Battaglia focuses on the theme of “battle”, which is one of the most representative of Renaissance topics. It includes selections from the ordinarium missae and from the proprium missae, which follow the proceedings of the entire Mass.
The DVD was recorded in Feltre’s Duomo, during the 500-year anniversary celebration of the city’s reconstruction.
Even though we cannot effectively identify which musical pieces were actually performed during the re-consecration of Feltre’s Duomo, thanks to documentation of similar celebrations, we can determine how an event like this would have been performed in Venice or in the Venetian environment.
All chosen composers were active in Venice and the surrounding area, and belong to a time period spanning from 1575 to 1630 – during which the reconstruction of the Cathedral was completed. Among them are Lodovico Balbi, Maestro di Capella in Feltre’s Duomo from 1594 to 1597, and his nephew and pupil, Alvise Balbi. The other authors include some of the most important composers of the Venetian musical culture, prior to Monteverdi.

Sound engineer: Paolo Carrer (Infinity Studio, Treviso)

Missa sopra la Battaglia
I Cantori di San Marco
12 singers, 8 instruments (cornet, renaissance trumpets, sackbut), organ, conductor.

This program was performed to celebrate the 500-year anniversary of Feltre’s Duomo reconstruction. It exemplifies the 16th century “political” works, a genre born in Venice in that moment: due to their text’s and music’s rhetorical structure, these compositions were created to transmit to the public a precise political message. Venetian composers were able to transform the cryptic Renaissance motets into highly communicative structures, where different and well defined musical situations alternate, increasing more and more their rhythm. These compositions were intended to communicate the great power of Venice.
Duration: 50 minutes