C. Monteverdi, A. Gabrieli – Spiritual Madrigals

I Cantori di San Marco
Alice Borciani, Elena Modena, Julio Fioravante,
Marco Mustaro, Yiannis Vassilakis, Marcin Wyszkowski
Organ: Nicola Lamon
Conductor: Marco Gemmani

CD Madrigals adapted

  1. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Pulchrae sunt
  2. A. Gabrieli – S. Molinaro, Ego flos campi
  3. A. Gabrieli – G. Cavaglieri, Surge formosa mea
  4. A. Gabrieli – S. Molinaro, In tribulatione
  5. A. Gabrieli – S. Molinaro, Veni o Jesu
  6. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Rutilante in nocte
  7. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Anima miseranda
  8. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Domine Deus
  9. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Te Jesu Christe
  10. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Qui pietate
  11. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Plagas tuas
  12. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Plorat amare
  13. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Anima quam dilexi
  14. A. Gabrieli – G. Cavaglieri, Iesu dulcisssime
  15. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Jesu dum te
  16. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, O gloriose martyr
  17. A. Gabrieli – S. Molinaro, Lucia sponsa
  18. A. Gabrieli – A. Coppini, Bonum est
  19. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Qui laudes
  20. C. Monteverdi – A. Coppini, Gloria tua

The program offers a variety of liturgical situations, focusing particularly on the figure of Holy Mary and on the Mystery of Christ’s death by crucifixion, through the sequence of biblical texts of 16th and 17th century madrigals. These pieces are remakes, reviews, reuses of famous previous compositions, heard everywhere at the time. These musical settings of Biblical texts start a unification of sacred and secular music, wanted by many during that period. The madrigal was the most fascinating musical genre for composers, because they were able to better express their creativity with it. Great rhetoricians substituted the original text with a Latin verse, usually taken from the Song of Songs, or created newly, borrowing from the Bible even in this case.

Duration: 80 minutes


  • Claudio Monteverdi, O gloriose martyr
  • Claudio Monteverdi, Plorat amare
  • Andrea Gabrieli, Iesu dulcissime
  • Andrea Gabrieli, Surge formosa mea