The Song of Songs by Alessandro Grandi

The Song of Songs by Alessandro Grandi

I Cantori di San Marco
6 singers, 2 violins and continuo
Conductor: Marco Gemmani

  1. Anima mea liquefacta est
  2. Nigra sum
  3. O quam tu pulchra es
  4. Surge propera
  5. Ego flos campi
  6. Veniat dilectus 
  7. Egredimini 
  8. In lectulo
  9. Quam pulchra es
  10. Tota pulchra
  11. Hodie virgo
  12. Anima mea conturbata est
  13. Vulnerasti cor meum
  14. Virgo prudentissima
  15. Vocem iucunditatis 
  16. Quae est ista

The Songs of Songs, attributed to King Solomon, was extensively rediscovered at the end of the 16th  century. It can be related to that period’s various needs: as a sacred text it was permitted in the churches; on the other hand, it speaks about love.  In fact, the Song well fitted the religious spirituality of the time but also the typical “affetti” (feelings) expressed and researched in the genre of the madrigal. Andrea Gabrieli, as one of the most representative figure of first 17th century, used a large part of the Song of Songs for his compositions throughout his musical life, pursuing great results from the point of view of the communication.

Duration: 60 minutes


  • A. Grandi (1586-1630), Vocem iucunditatis