Ad caeli sublimia

Echoes of celestial harmonies in Las Huelgas Codex and in St. Hildegard from Bingen’s visions

I Cantori di San Marco
Alice Borciani, Elena Modena, Marco Gemmani
Conductor: Marco Gemmani

Codex Las Huelgas – Divinum Misterium (Sanctus VI), Ave, caro, splendida
S. Ildegarda di Bingen – O vis aeternitatis
Codex Las Huelgas – O Ihesu salvator (Agnus I), Benedicamus IX
S. Ildegarda di Bingen – O quam mirabilis
Codex Las Huelgas – Ave verum/Ave, vera caro, Christi, Ad caeli sublimia
S. Ildegarda di Bingen – O felix anima
Codex Las Huelgas – Exultemur (Benedicamus VII), Surrexit de tumulo
S. Ildegarda di Bingen – O magne Pater
Codex Las Huelgas – Christi patientia (Agnus VII), Victimae paschali laudes
S. Ildegarda di Bingen – O aeterne Deus
Codex Las Huelgas – Catholicorum (Benedicamus III)

The Codex from the female monastery of Las Huelgas, in Castile, from the beginning of 14th century, and the compositions by St. Hildegard from Bingen (1098-1179) are two of the most fascinating Middle Ages’ works arrived to us. The former is an important example of the Mediterranean-Hispanic culture, still not contaminated by the influx of Celtic musical elements, which a little later would have revolutionise all the musical categories coming from the Pythagorean-Christian tradition, which regulated the music up to that period. St. Hildegard’s compositions possess a strong expressivity coming from the intimate familiarity with the incarnation of the Mystery’s creative power. This program proposes a music particularly pervaded by great luminosity, and introduces the listener into a melodic universe, which, for people who conceived these works around eight centuries ago, was considered just pale manifestation of the celestial harmonies.

Duration: 45 minutes